Why we're here.

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Critters Who Care wants to  help lessen the pain of children who have suffered traumatic events in their young lives. Some of these children have been removed from their homes because of abuse, some children have a parent in hospice care or are in hospice care themselves and some have lost a young sibling to a tragic event.

Children are innocent and inexperienced in the harsh realities of life, so knowing someone in the world cares for them can make an enormous difference in the way they view their lives. A simple stuffed animal may not seem like a big deal to adults but often it becomes the child’s prized possession in his or her world of fear or grief.

Many of us had regular childhoods where we were oblivious to all the bad things in the world. Unfortunately, many of the children we help live in a constant state of fear: fear of being abandoned when a parent dies, fear of dying themselves, or fear that their abuser will come back to hurt them.

Our actions are simple. We deliver soft and cuddly unstuffed animal skins to children who need a friend the most. Everything they need to stuff their animal with love is included, even a rainbow star that they can wish upon before putting it inside their animal. In the case of hospice situations, grief counselors are often involved helping the children process their grief as they work with the animals.

Completing this task is a short diversion from their life of pain and fear but the counselors tell us that creating this huggable friend helps the children talk about their feelings and their fears. This new friend is theirs to keep forever, it will love them unconditionally and it will help them stay strong and brave through both the good times and the bad.

Helping us fulfill our mission is easy. Through the generosity of our sponsors we are able to keep a steady supply of animals available for these children in need. For as little as $5 you can help to send one animal to a troubled child, complete with a personal note of encouragement from you. If you would like to make a difference in a child’s life, click here to visit our Sponsor page. And if you can’t help financially, we’d appreciate it if you spread the word either by linking on your site or using one of our buttons and banners.  Click here to see our cute graphics!

If you have a blog or website and would like to help spread the news about our organization, we welcome any and all postings. We’re available for interviews and we also have a 30-second and a 60-second audio commercial for to play on your podcast or post on your website. You can listen to the 60-second commercial by clicking the player at the top of our page.

On behalf of all the children, we thank you for helping us ease the pain in their lives. It’s one small step but hopefully one that will make a lasting difference.

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